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Teaching a new driver on your own car can be a daunting task. Most parents attempt to teach their son/daughter on their own but, if you are asking yourself, "Why is my son/daughter making the same driving errors despite repeated practice?", then WE CAN HELP. You've come to the right place!

With an instructor as experienced as ours, driving in complex environments will not be an issue. Our world has turned into a place that is fast-paced, busy and hectic, just like our roads. Allow us to be the bridge into helping you adapt to those changes. 

We have a special way to prepare you for your Road Test, no matter what your level of driving experience is. We offer extensive one on one driver training sessions for those just starting off, and in-detail refresher course for those who want to polish up their driving skills. 

At A-PRO Driving School, we teach Safe Driving!

Our Instructor

With over 35 years of experience, our instructor Kaylass Dookheet is more than capable of showing you the best tips and tricks to become a confident and efficient driver. 

Kaylass is an expert in making sure that your parking worries, go away! With a simple coaching style, the toughest tasks will become less stressful and much simpler for anyone of any skill level.


Email: aprodrivingschool@gmail.com

Phone: 604-725-8202

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